Go Kin Packs is excited to be heading to Canada’s premier eco-friendly trade show, the Green Living Show. Held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from Friday March 27 to Sunday March 29, 2015, the Green Living Show attracts thousands of people who visit hundreds of vendors, speakers and organizations dedicated to all things green.

Go Kin Packs is at Booth #1334 and we will have the final prototype available for you to try! Take the Go Kin out for a short walk at the show and see how you can use the motion of walking to generate green power to charge your cell phone and other devices. Use our new mobile app to adjust your workout level for your legs, and monitor how far and how fast you walk as well as calories burned and your carbon footprint. We’re looking forward to answering questions about Go Kin Packs. Plus, enjoy a free T-shirt AND a 25% discount when you pre-order a Go Kin at the Green Living Show (scheduled for fall 2015 delivery). See you at the show!  

Kids get it: energy is fun, green is fun and walking to create green energy is fun! Go Kin Packs has donated two Go Kin devices and packs to the Ecobus, a unique enviro-education program created by Cat Leonard in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. The Ecobus is a fully modified school bus that runs on waste vegetable oil as well as solar and wind energy. It travels to schools, camps and community groups in northwestern Ontario, helping kids and teachers learn all about caring for the earth and sustainable choices. And now, they can get hands-on experience creating renewable energy simply by walking with the Ecobus’s very own Go Kin Packs!