• Can the Go Kin be used while running or cycling?
    No. The Go Kin is only designed for walking at this time.
  • What is the built-in capacity of the battery? 
    The lithium ion battery is 5600mAh. It will charge a mobile phone 2-4 times.
  • How can the battery be charged?
    The battery can be charged by going for a walk or using an AC wall outlet.
  • Will my electronic devices only re-charge when I walk? 
    No. If you have your electronics plugged in to either of the two USB ports in the Go Kin, the on-board battery will charge your devices. Stop and chat, rest or plug in at the office.
  • How fast will the battery charge my electronics? 
    Go Kin will charge your electronics as fast as an AC wall outlet.
  • Can the Go Kin be used in any daypack or fanny pack I own? 
    We are working on a “fit kit" that will allow you to install some hardware into most commercial packs, but it is not yet complete. At the present time Go Kin can only fit into the daypack we sell. We hope to change that soon!
  • Is the Go Kin waterproof? 
    No. The Go Kin is water resistant. The fanny pack and daypack help shelter the Go Kin but they are not waterproof either. Most daypacks in the marketplace are not waterproof but offer a great deal of protection against the elements.
  • How many electronic devices can I charge using the Go Kin? 
    There are two USB ports, so you can charge two devices using the Go Kin.