Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The Go Kin App allows you to share results through Facebook, and can be personalized to include data that represents your own physical attributes like length of stride or body weight.

By walking, you increase your battery life and unplugged range of your phone and other electronics.

Please note that the resistance (on the bottom of the screen) is adjustable by the user at any time. The Go Kin can be pre-set in advance of a walk or adjusted throughout a walk.

Our dashboard displays the following information:

 The Go Kin can be set in either Exercise or Power modes.

EXERCISE MODE: Simply put, this mode is about exercise. You change the resistance setting (%) to adjust the level of exercise for your legs. You determine how hard you want to work!

POWER MODE: In Power mode, the priority is charging your on-board battery and any electronics plugged in to the two USB ports.

CONNECTED ICON: Green means you are connected. A red circle with a X through it means you are unconnected.

POWER INDICATOR:  This displays the power you are producing when walking in watts (0-15 watts). It's located on the upper left side of the screen.

BATTERY INDICATOR: This displays the amount of energy left in your Go Kin battery (0-100%)

0-10% battery life remaining (red).

11-25% battery life remaining (yellow).

26-100% battery life remaining (green). 

SPEED: This shows how fast you are walking. It will also give you your average speed over the length of your walk. It can be set in metric or Imperial measurement units.

DISTANCE TODAY: This shows how far have you walked. This can be measured per walk, day, week or month for accumulated distances. It can be set in metric or Imperial measurement units.

CALORIES TODAY:  This shows how many calories have you burned during your walk.  This can be measured by walk, day, week, or month.

CARBON TODAY:  By generating power through walking, you are not plugging in your electronics to an AC wall outlet, and you are not using an exercise machine like a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike that uses valuable power from the grid. You have made a decision to walk—a green and healthy choice.

RESISTANCE: This is located at the bottom of your screen and adjustable from 0-100%. The resistance has been calibrated to increase your anaerobic exercise. You decide how hard or easy you want to work. Perhaps you want to use this feature for interval training, or to increase your workout when walking with a slower friend.